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QuickBooks Error 1321

QuickBooks is incredibly friendly because it saves a great deal of time and effort for users who would like to manage their accounting tasks. Updating this software package is vital when it comes to proper functioning of the same. This, in turn, improves the feature and error fixing abilities.

You may observe in a few cases, that while updating or installing QuickBooks, it bumps into errors. One of the common update error faced by users is QuickBooks Update Error 1321.

The error usually turns up along with the source folder evoking the issue or simply the explanation for the problem. If you want to fix this QuickBooks "Error 1321" issue, you will need to update the privileges through the main folder from the file or source that placed in the error text.

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Given below is a list of answers to fix these errors. As soon as you start to proceed using the steps properly, you can actually to repair your issue.

Steps to fix Error 1321

The installer has insufficient privileges to change the file

Step one: Choose Retry to authorize the update to complete.

Step two: in terms of Step 1 does not work, choose to Cancel from the error message and then look at the option.

Third step: Disable the Antivirus or software security temporarily.

Step 4: Clean reinstall your software.

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Update a person Insufficient privileges to files

The information and knowledge and knowledge dialogue box will show the error generated although the way of  installation is on. In the following example, AcrobatConnect.cfg generated the error message:

Error 1321. The Installer has insufficient privileges to change the file

C:\Windows\system32\Macromed\Flash\FlashPlayerTrust\AcrobatConnect.cfg. Action ended 11:21:48: InstallValidate.

Set the privileges for the folder mentioned in the error message, as an example:


In case, you want to fix QuickBooks Error 1321, do contact our experts at QuickBooks Error Support Number.

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