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QuickBooks Banking Error 101

QuickBooks Banking Error 101: 

QuickBooks Banking Error 101 is an error which generally occurs when the system does not update the existing Payroll software. Often, a mistake message turns up which indicates the unsuccessful payroll updates associated with the software. Payroll update becomes important to download when you look at the given period otherwise it poses a severe problem when later operated want know how to fix QuickBooks Banking "Error 101".

Questions may buzz on userís mind about its cause and useful measure to manage this error problem.

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Reason for QuickBooks Banking Error 101
Several reasons are responsible for this payroll error which might affect the performance regarding the QuickBooks Software. Some of them are as follows:

Poor internet connections: one of several significant factors which bring out this payroll error may be the lack of good internet connectivity. Because of poor internet connectivity, the machine is going to be unable to download and run the whole payroll update.
Firewall Settings: Certain firewall settings (or, anti-virus software) programmed in a way that it blocks the essential features required for the operation of the
QuickBooks Software. One of these simple firewall settings might stop the work for the QuickBooks payroll software.
Internet Settings: One associated with the primary good reasons for the outcome for this payroll error is a result of improper settings associated with internet.
QuickBooks Software present in the machine: it could sound strange, however it is the mistake regarding the users which they may have mistakenly downloaded the QuickBooks software more than once which may result in the payroll error. There could be identical QuickBooks Software version present in the machine.
Third-party Applications: Another case might persist in which the system could not download the third-party applications properly.

Aftereffects of QuickBooks Banking Error 101
As a result of above cases, users will face various problems which might hamper their work hours. Several of those problems which users might face are as follows:

The machine is crashing: Due to the presence of infected threats, the whole system combined with the windows might crash frequently. For this reason problem, the QuickBooks Software will likely not work correctly.
Restarting the system: The above reasons might compel the users to reboot your whole system.
Re-downloading the software: The very severe case of the payroll error might lead to re-downloading the QuickBooks software.
Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Banking Error 101
There are many methods to troubleshoot the difficulty with this payroll error. These types of solutions are as follows:

1. Internet Connectivity: Users should ensure that they are downloading the QuickBooks Software in good internet connections. Be sure that whole content adequately downloaded.

2. Reboot.bat file: Users need first to ensure that they run the reboot.bat file. For that they must stick to the below instructions:

Users want to close the QuickBooks Desktop.
Then, they must open that folder which provides the reboot.bat file, and there they must right-click the QuickBooks Desktop icon.
Users have to select Properties then, and there they need to choose the Open file location.
Users need to right-click the reboot.bat files, and then select Run as Administrator.
3. Configuring Anti-virus: Users have to change the settings done on the Windows firewall (or, the Anti-Virus) settings. If the problem persists, then it's advisable to uninstall the QuickBooks Software and then again set it up. It is advisable to remove all the useless files in order for during updating, QuickBooks measures the correct path for the QuickBooks Software.


The above solutions will rectify the error code and add to it will update the payroll applications with ease. If users are still facing problems, then they can reach out to the QuickBooks Payroll Support number.

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