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QuickBooks Error -6123, 0

The -6123, 0 error code on QuickBooks appears if the user is updating company files to a newly released form of QuickBooks Desktop, or when restoring a backup, or accessing a file entirely on another computer.

In this website post, we are going to share three different methods to fix the QuickBooks -6123, 0 error. Given that the explanation for the error can vary for users, it might become hard to predict just the right solution that could make an application for you personally. The very best strategy is always to start with the very first solution. If that can not work for your needs, proceed to the next solution and so forth. You can easily resolve the "Error -6123, 0" just contact our experts.

Answers to fix QuickBooks Error -6123, 0
Solution One – set up all settings manually by renaming the .nd and .tlg files

The file name extensions – .nd and .tlg might be unknown for the requirements however they are part of QuickBooks files. These files support the configuration and settings essential to open QuickBooks in a multi-user environment.

After the .nd and .tlg files become corrupt due for whatever reason, it might bring about QuickBooks -6123, 0 error. A straightforward means to fix fix this matter is always to renaming these files. There is absolutely no harm in renaming these files as it will not cause any data loss. In reality, when you use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager to rescan, these files will probably to be automatically created. Here there are the steps to rename the .nd and .tlg files.

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Navigate towards the folder having your company file
In the next step you need to try to find files with extension .nd and .tlg. Make certain these files have a similar names as your company files, such as for example:
(company name _file).qbw.nd
(company name _file).qbw.tlg
Now, right-click the files and select the Rename option
To differentiate files, add “OLD” or other word that you choose by the end associated with the file. Remember you must add the phrase towards the extension as opposed to the file name.
(company name _file).qbw.nd.OLD
(company name _file).qbw.tlg.OLD
Open QuickBooks and look in to your company file. In the event that error persists, carry on to next solution.
Solution Two – Set Proper Folder Permissions

QuickBooks can throw up -6123, 0 error if you don’t have the requisite permissions into the folder where the company file is dependent. In that case, setting up proper folder permissions could resolve the error. Here you will find the steps to set proper folder permissions:

Press Windows logo key and E simultaneously from the keyboard to open up File Explorer
Navigate to the folder where in fact the company file is found.
Right-click the folder and select Properties
When you look at the Properties window, head to Security tab and choose Everyone
If Everyone choice is not listed, you need to add it
Click on Add and type Everyone in the box
Click OK
Select Full Control option
Click Apply and then click OK to shut window
Note: you need to change folder permissions to all or any folders given once you look at the list below. There clearly was a chance that some folders name is nearly most certainly not in your QuickBooks installation. For the reason that different versions of QuickBooks Desktop may have different folders. A critical factor you have to remember would be to change folder permissions as long as they exist on the personal computer.

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In the event that path associated with the folder through which your business file is found is simply too long or complicated, the application might have trouble accessing it. A straightforward way to this problem is moving the business file to a different location. You can try copying the file to your desktop and view if it resolves the difficulty. Here you will discover the steps to adhere to:

Navigate to the folder where your company file is based
Search files that have a similar file name as your company name however with QBW extension.
Right-click on file and then click Copy
Navigate to desktop. Right-click anywhere in the desktop and then click Paste
Hold down Ctrl key and open QuickBooks. This may take someone to No Company Open window
Select Open and navigate towards the desktop
Find the company file you had copied to Desktop
If the error disappears, you can easily conclude that there is clearly an issue using the path connected with folder where in fact the company file was earlier located. In order to avoid this error, save QuickBooks files to a folder on Desktop.

If you’ve tried everything but they are still facing the error, here’s what what to can perform

If manual techniques have neglected to get rid of the QuickBooks -6123, 0 error, you'll need a specialized QuickBooks repair software. Download Stellar Repair for QuickBooks Software after which scan and repair your QBW file. The program run on superior algorithms detects issues within QBW files and repairs them to bring back all critical information. This really is basically the best alternative to manual approaches to case when they don’t work.

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