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Restore A Backup Of QuickBooks Company File

Restore A Backup Of QuickBooks Company File

Often times, once you attempt to restore a backup file a mistake message appears as “Restore failed can’t remove log file” or “This will be the invalid format of post-QuickBooks 2007 Backup file”. This error indicates QuickBooks restore failed and there can be several grounds for the failure. A number of the users might get this message: “QuickBooks won’t restore backup”. In this amazing site, we are going to discuss how exactly to resolve this restore QuickBooks backup file issue and also other answers to eliminate QuickBooks restore failed error. Want solution for Restore A Backup Of Company File then get touch with our experts.

Signs and symptoms of “QuickBooks Restore Failed Error”
The backup restores a present file.
USB flash drive lets you restore a backup.
Restoring an incorrect backup file.
The backup was finished with the most recent or different sort of QuickBooks.
Factors behind QuickBooks Restore Failed Error.

The users may encounter some issues while restoring data from QuickBooks backup files, wherein the method fails with one of the following messages:

“Error: Restore Failed. This can be an Invalid Format of a Post QuickBooks 2007 Backup File”

“Error: Restore failed.  Can’t remove log file”

There are lots of reasons behind this failure that are mentioned below:
Corrupted or damaged company file.
The backup is restored in a current file.
The company file contains special characters.
The backup is restored from a USB flash drive.
The restored file is certainly not an actual QB backup file.
The backup happens to be carried out in the newest version but restored in the older version.
Facts to consider
QuickBooks Background Details

QuickBooks saves important computer data in file with .qbw extension (Windows) or .qb2017 (OS X).
QB lets you create the full backup of your crucial information. The extensions found in these files are .qbb (Windows) or .dmg (OS X). Read Create Company File & Backup in QuickBooks Desktop for more information.

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Methods to Fix “QuickBooks Restore Failed” Error 
Solution 1: Delete Special Character through the Company File
Right-click into the file name and select rename.
Enter a new file name and Enter.
Solution 2: Avoid Overwriting a current File While Restoring Company Backup
Keep your file in an easily available location.
In case file name matches with another file in identical folder, an email can look “The file name exists. Would you like to overwrite this file?”.
Click No and change the file name.
Solution 3: utilize the Same or New type of QuickBooks While Restoring Backup File
Use QuickBooks File Manager to know your QB version while restoring the backup file.

Solution 4: Confirm True Backup File
The file really should not be lower than 6MB, therefore you'll want to consider the file size after creating a company file backup.
Right-click on File and select Properties to check on the file size.
The file will not be a real backup file if it is less than 6MB, you need to make a fresh backup.
Solution 5: Repair Your Organization File
The company file could get affected because of several reasons. Use QuickBooks File Doctor to troubleshoot any data damage. 

Solution 6: Repair QuickBooks Manually
You need to use QuickBooks inbuilt Rebuild and Verify utilities to repair QuickBooks manually.

Check out QuickBooks File menu, then Utilities and Rebuild Data.
Utilities and Rebuild DataUtilities and Rebuild Data

Check out QuickBooks File menu then head to Utilities and Verify Data.
Utilities and Verify DataUtilities and Verify Data

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This short article makes it possible to restore the backup file and resolve the issue instantly. In the event that you still face any difficulty, get in touch with our certified experts to get the best solutions. Call us on our QuickBooks Error Support cell phone number.

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