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Why You Should Update Your QuickBooks

Why You Should Improve Your QuickBooks 

Simple tips to Improve Your Company File After Upgrading QuickBooks

his article contains instructions on how to update your QuickBooks company file to your present type of the QuickBooks software.

Upgrading the QuickBooks software does not automatically update your QuickBooks company files. You need to manually update your company files if you have upgraded to a newer form of QuickBooks. if you want to Update Your QuickBooks then call our experts.

To update a business file after an upgrade, simply open the organization file as Admin and then allow the QuickBooks Company File Update Wizard make suggestions through the procedure.

**Note that only the QuickBooks Admin user can update a QuickBooks file, so please be certain to truly have the QuickBooks Admin credentials prior to updating an organization file. After the file is updated by the Admin user, it's going to be updated for many users and also this process will not must be repeated. If you have multiple company files then this process will need to be repeated for every file you access.** 

How exactly to update your QuickBooks company file:

1. Log into your server and launch QuickBooks

2. elect to Open or restore a current company
If prompted by the Express Start Wizard (“Let’s put up your online business!”), simply close out of it to get at the no enterprise Open window.

3. Choose to Open a business file and then click Next

4. Browse to where your business files are found. By default we store them in Intuit's default location, which is: SummitHosting (C:) > Users > Public > Public Documents > Intuit > QuickBooks > Company Files. Locate your company file and then click Open
If you see multiple files with similar names, select the file with the green/yellow icon that includes a "Type" labeled "QuickBooks Company File".

5. Enter the QuickBooks company file Admin user credentials for this company file and then click OK

6.  You're going to be prompted to Update your Company File. Click Update Now and also the QuickBooks Company File Update Wizard will start to update your file
*The Update Wizard will automatically create a backup copy prior to updating your company file.

7. When finished, click Done to start working in your file within the new form of QuickBooks

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