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QuickBooks Desktop 2021

Intuit, the founder of QuickBooks, is well known to provide best-in-class features and functionality to add more value to its services. For the past decade, it offers continuously improved its services by customizing QuickBooks as per the customer’s need.

Each year, a new version is introduced with additional features that enhance QuickBooks’ capability and eases the company tasks for its users. If You want to know about QuickBooks Desktop 2021 then Contact our Proadvisors.

Likewise, for the recently released QuickBooks Desktop 2021, there are several improvements and changes in its new manufacturer product line.

Listed here are the summarized points regarding the expected features:

1. Improved Bank Feeds
QuickBooks Desktop offers an on-line banking feature called Bank Feeds that enables users to download their transactions from various banking institutions. It can help to handle bills and bank transactions making sure that one could focus more on its core tasks.

There's two primary requirements to get going with Bank Feeds- a bank account at any financial institution which provides services for QuickBooks, and use of the world wide web.

Many users reported various issues and errors while working with Bank Feeds in past times, and Intuit seems to have taken these complaints into account. Therefore, with its 2021 QuickBooks edition, this has promised an improved Bank Feeds system.

Intuit has optimized the automation process by providing enhanced rules, batch editing, and improved matching for categorizing most of the bank transactions.

Additionally, Intuit has clarified that it’s Pro and Premier users can download the financial data from participating banks up till May 2024.

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2. Capability To Send Statements Automatically
Last year, Intuit added the feature that automated the process of attaching customer purchase order to the invoices and setting reminders.

Consequently, in its process of reducing tedious manual tasks because of its clients, it really is ready to introduce the feature with the capacity to send statements automatically. This particular aspect will eradicate the process of creating and sending statements to customers each month by automating the exact same.

Predefined emails and templates are created throughout the setup that can be reviewed before sending them to your clients.

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3. Customizable Payment Receipts
QuickBooks enables its users to print and send sales receipts. In QuickBooks 2020 version, one can send multiple invoices or receipt attachments via just one email.

Now, in the Quickbooks 2021 edition, Intuit has added the ability to customize the payment receipts as per the requirements. It will further help provide a clearer image of all the payments and streamline the procedure.

With all the latest update, users can customize payment receipts and add logos to give a professional aim to the device.

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4. Create Rule-Based Customer Groups
QuickBooks allows users to produce customer groups which help to list out and differentiate them as per certain requirements.

Within the latest version, the rule-based groups can be created predicated on various fields like client type, location, status, sales, balance, and much more. It will further help to manage and automate the communication system.

5. Manage QuickBooks Desktop Tools
QuickBooks Desktop is frequently combined with additional products that need to be managed for a seamless workflow.

Keeping this in mind, Intuit introduced QuickBooks Desktop Manager that makes it more convenient to locate and install all of the subscription-based and non-subscription based products through this tool.

Final Note
The features mentioned previously are simply the end of the iceberg. QuickBooks 2021 is not limited to these attributes. Intuit is also placing greater focus on subscription-based QuickBooks services that will be billed annually.

To obtain a one-time purchase QuickBooks software, one can either contact the Intuit support team or buy it from a QuickBooks Solution Provider that also supplies the same at the best prices. To learn more, contact our Solution Consultants.

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