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QuickBooks Error 1911

Simple suggestions to Fix QuickBooks Error 1911?

QuickBooks is a more developed accounting and financial software used to trace the organization data in an organized way. This accounting software program is used by many small and mid-sized businesses for accounting purposes. It's not mandatory to possess any technical knowledge to utilize QuickBooks software. However, QuickBooks users face some bugs and errors during running it. The Error 1911 QuickBooks is undoubtedly such common errors that arise during installing the application form.

Within the given article, we have highlighted “What the error 1911 QuickBooks is” and provided some troubleshooting processes to resolve QuickBooks Error 1911 instantly. If for virtually any case, you find hurdles while attempting some of the methods, then you may communicate with certainly one of our experts.

Defining the error 1911 QuickBooks
QuickBooks users may get the error code 1911 message during installing QuickBooks accounting software. This message displays that “could not register type library”. If the user attempts to install QuickBooks Pro 2016 on a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine, then your QuickBooks install error 1911 takes place.

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Additionally, QuickBooks Error 1911 occurs at that time of upgrading the operating system like from Windows Vista to Windows 7.

Below you will find the method to repair the error 1911 QuickBooks.

Techniques to troubleshoot QuickBooks Install Error 1911
Listed here methods may be applied in order to get rid of QuickBooks error 1911:

Method 1: Install the Adobe Flash Player
To start with, you need to download and run the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
From then on, uninstall the Adobe Flash Player.
Press and support the Windows + R to start the Run window.
Click the Control Board.
Select OK.
Choose “Uninstall a program”.
Click the Adobe Flash Player (ActiveX).
Select uninstall.
You ought to proceed with the instructions prompted from the screen to execute the procedure.
In the end, you can quickly download and run the Adobe Flash Player.

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Method 2: Correct the settings of the Built-in Administrator
Activate the Built-in Administrator

Press & retain the Windows key.
Write in CMD.
Right-click when you look at the CMD/ Command Prompt/ exe and then click on Run as Administrator.
From then on, open the prompt window and write in net user administrator / active: yes.
Press Enter.
Now, you need to use Additional instructions on safe mode from Microsoft.
Adjust the Built-in Administrator Account

To begin with, you'll want to press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
Choose Switch User.
Press the Windows key (For windows 8 user)
Choose the user icon simply by clicking the surface of the right related to screen.
Press and hold Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select the default Administrator account.
Hide the Built-in Administrator account

Pick the Windows key and type CMD.
Now, right-click on CMD/Command Prompt/exe.
Click on Run as Administrator.
You want to key in net user administrator/active: no and press type in the command prompt window.
Modify the Security Settings for the installation directory

Run the street C:\Program Files\Common Files.
You may be necessary to right-click within the Common Files folders.
From then on, choose Properties.
Select Edit under the Security ta.
Choose Users into the Group or user names.
Go to the Permissions for users and choose allow for the permissions written below:
Modify, Read & Execute, List Folder Contents Read and Write.
Choose Apply > OK.

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Method 3: Download and navigate the PSExec Directory
Firstly, download PSExec and sign up for it somewhere.
Locate the QuickBooks installer in identical directory.
Open a heightened command prompt.
Now, you need to install QuickBooks as a way by running:
Psexec-i-s QuickBooks Installer
My QuickBooks install is places in my downloads folder and titled as 1.exe
Access through the installer as normal

Method 4:  Replace The Setup Editor Settings
You can select the Tables to tab when you look at the Setup Editor only when you will not want to join up your type library file.
Click on the TypeLib table.
Put the row along with the file specified in the error message.
You need to delete the row and verify whether the error 1911 QuickBooks has been fixed.

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To Summarize

Hopefully, you have got browse the whole article carefully and found it fruitful to be able to fix “QuickBooks Error 1911”. As we have observed, this error is very critical since it restricts one to install or update the QuickBooks software to the latest release. However, the aforementioned methods shall help you in dealing with the same. If even with  applying all the methods, you are still confronting the error 1911, then dial our toll-free QuickBooks 24/7 Support telephone number.

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