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QuickBooks Error 3120

The whole Guide to solve QuickBooks Error 3120

QuickBooks Desktop provides a seamless method to record transactions by entering the processed transaction directly when you look at the company records. While attempting to go into the payment QuickBooks sometimes encounters error 3120.


The error mostly occurs when the transaction that you will be trying to enter already exists in QuickBooks records. Common troubleshooting involves resyncing the transactions in QuickBooks, but this does not always resolve the error. If you're also struggling with QuickBooks Error 3120 then proceed with the detailed instructions mentioned in this essay for a quick solution.

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QuickBooks Error Code 3120 – Description
Once a user encounters QuickBooks error code 3120, QuickBooks might display different object that produces the error. You can find 800000-1349276859, 14A5D-1435238985 or other object name in error. Following may be the exact description associated with the error that appears on the user’s screen.

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QuickBooks then provides users with an option to carry on using QuickBooks by pressing the Yes button. However, pressing Yes will not resolve the error, and you will have to perform additional troubleshooting for a fix.

Means to fix Resolve QuickBooks Error Message 3120

IMPORTANT: QuickBooks Desktop Error 3120 is a mapping error that arises when payments and accounts are not set up correctly in QuickBooks. After the instructions down the page to setup Accounts in QuickBooks manually will bring you the rid associated with error.

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Open QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale and select Preferences from beneath the File tab.
Click Workstation and go to the Account Preferences section.
Now verify that the account that you have selected for mapping is correct under both Advanced and Basic tab.
If third bracket of this account name is blank, then this can be an indication towards the fault when you look at the account set up, and you also need to add a merchant account to the account name section to solve the error.
Enter the required information when you look at the account name section and from beneath the Options tab select Save.
You will need to add or update transactions and check if you should be still getting error code 3120.

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Once the error is resolved, make sure to activate the Default QuickBooks Mapping option from underneath the Financial Exchange element of QuickBooks Desktop.
Resolving errors associated with transactions and accounts in QuickBooks can often be a tricky task, and you also could need the help of an avowed POS expert. If you should be still struggling to eradicate the error even after following most of the troubleshooting steps mentioned in this article, then contact us to receive immediate help and the assistance of a expert.

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