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Repair Your QuickBooks Desktop For Windows

How to Repair QuickBooks Desktop for Windows?

A thorough guide to fix QuickBooks desktop for Windows

QuickBooks accounting software has marked its presence within the accounting industry from almost 10 years. This software has completely transformed just how entrepreneurs carry out their accounting and bookkeeping activities due to their intuitiveness.


From time to time, QB users encounter errors that need repairing the QuickBooks desktop software for windows. Keeping all those facts in your mind, we have show up with this particular post, where we are sharing the tips and tricks to Repair Your QuickBooks Desktop For Windows. Thus, to know more read this post carefully.


Or if you believe that repairing QuickBooks just isn't your cup of tea, then try not to hesitate in dialing our toll-free number. Our experts and certified professionals will make suggestions because of the process to repair or will repair the program for your needs.

Steps to correct errors of QuickBooks desktop for Windows
Just in case the consumer gets a mistake when using, installing, or during the time of updating the program, then in that case one thing to complete is to run the repair tool. This tool might help the user in fixing some of the common QuickBooks errors straight away, however, you will need professional help using the tool. The QuickBooks repair tool often helps an individual in enabling back to the best track in least possible time. Later in this article, I will be mentioning the steps to use the repair tool.

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Steps to perform the Repair tool to correct common issues
In order to repair QuickBooks and fix the common issues, the steps below could be followed:

An individual should first backup the company file, if haven’t already

As well as, reboot the machine, which helps to ensure that there are not any programs affecting the repair.
Another essential point would be to open the windows Start menu and then choose the control interface
The idea to be noted listed here is that should you are a Windows 8 or 8.1 user, the look for control interface in the Windows start menu
After that select Programs and features, followed closely by uninstalling a program.

In case an individual is not able to spot the Programs and Features, then user can opt for programs instead.
And then, the consumer should go for QuickBooks through the listing of Programs, then Uninstall/Change.

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Moving ahead, the consumer should click on Continue after which hit Next
Followed by, clicking on Repair and then again hit next

The next step in the process would be to select Finish following the process ends.
And then update the QuickBooks software towards the latest release.
Go to QuickBooks menu, Choose help > Update QuickBooks

he user has to ensure to really have the most recent fixes and security update and you are all set.
What you can do if the user encounters error during a repair?
There could be a predicament like the user encounters the error during the time of repair. In such a situation, the user shouldn’t worry, rather should carry out the steps we have mentioned below:

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Resolving “files in use” error in QuickBooks
One of many errors that the consumer might encounter can be “files in use” error. This error comes up with an error message indicating files being used or something like that similar. In order to resolve this bug, an individual can carry out of the steps down the page:

The very first step is always to pick the Ignore option. In case an individual gets a pop-up message appears on the screen to restart the machine, an individual should click on OK tab and reboot the system. Also, the point to be noted here is that an individual oftimes be required to select ignore a few times as well.
However, if the Ignore choice is not visible, then if that's the case the consumer can go for Close tab. Following the repair process comes to an end, the user should reboot the machine once.

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Resolving Error 1628: Failed to complete script-based install
The QuickBooks error code 1628 could be seen, particularly if the windows service named as Windows installer stops working properly somehow. This error could be a little problematic for the QB users to tackle. Hence, it is strongly recommended to consult a professional help.

Other effective methods
Except that the aforementioned methods, the consumer can opt for a couple of solutions and repair the QuickBooks desktop.

Install diagnostic tool

This kind of tool could be used to fix unexpected errors like the 1935, 1903, 1603, 1722, etc. The steps to be followed listed here are the following:

The very first step is always to close all QuickBooks related programs
From then on, from download and install QuickBooks tools hub from Intuit’s site
And then, follow the steps for installation and in addition read and agree into the conditions and terms
The user will likely then need to open this program by double simply clicking icon from desktop, or perhaps the user may also search for QuickBooks tool hub
The next phase is to open up installation issues into the tool hub
And also, select QuickBooks install diagnostic tool
Lastly, reboot the device and check in the event that application is repaired or perhaps not
Reconstructing the Microsoft MSXML.

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In case some of the MSXML files are damaged, the QuickBooks software may well not work properly. This kind of a scenario, fixing these files is recommended. This can be done the following:

To start with, the user needs to register the MSXML DLL files
And then, the user can also try uninstall MSXML 6.0 file and also clean do the installation
The next thing is to download and install MSXML 6.0 SP1
And lastly, repair MSXML 6
Winding up!
Well, we end the blog post here, with the hope that the information and knowledge that we have shared above will help in repairing QuickBooks desktop. However, if by any chance the consumer is not able to repair the QuickBooks desktop software even after after the above step, then if that's the case, feel free to e mail us via our toll-free number .

Our QuickBooks enterprise support team will ensure to provide you with the perfect support services as well as will repair the QuickBooks desktop software for your needs.

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